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This is a creation of the era of brand creation, brand is the most difficult time!

Transformation. Break the routine;

Originality. Bring forth the new through the old.

Transcend. Breakthrough self;

Deneb emperor, your entertainment audio experts!

Deneb emperor, your partnership strategy!

Deneb emperor, surprise at the same time to the world in a time, also successfully completed its own transformation, Deneb audio empire of dreams is slowly pulled open heavy curtain......

Deneb emperor of Taiwan. Since 1975, the sales network to expand to all over the world. And in 2005 in the mainland raise established their own R & D, production and sales center, focusing on the mainland market development.

In 1975, the young Mr Huang Bihong worked in Japan´s largest Foster company, to accept Japan´s top enterprise management and technology influence. In 1985 Mr Huang Bihong returned to Taiwan, devoted to the study of the sound. The same year with partners founded the Ying Electronic Co. Ltd. Lay an important foundation in the history of technology development Deneb Emperor today, become an important milepost on phylogeny of Deneb emperor.

After years of development, Deneb emperor is the set design, development, production, sales and service as one of the Integrated Company, Deneb emperor production base in mainland China, and promotion center. The main business involves sound R & D, production, sales and technical advice, technical training, repair and maintenance, system maintenance etc.; especially in systems engineering, technology development, acoustical engineering have established a high-tech team.

Deneb emperor not only provide products, pay more attention to product R & D, manufacturing, technical support, technical advice, repair and maintenance, system upgrade, provides three-dimensional one-stop service system for customers.

Deneb emperor always adhere to the "quality, technology and price interdependence" product concept, and each aspect of the product concept is applied to the production and raw material application details. Therefore in Deneb emperor, each product must go through acoustic software LMS, DAAS and LEAP computer-aided software testing. At the same time, all the speakers need after high temperature, low temperature test, to ensure product quality, strict control of the production process, ensure the quality of refine on. Deneb emperor also continue the implementation of "respected science and technology, maintain quality, moved to create" brand philosophy. Continue to forge ahead, strive to open up, forge ahead, to provide products and services more perfect customer commitment. And the first proposed three years warranty service commitment in the industry.

Emperor = brand strategy + original + quality + moved

"Three-dimensional" one-stop "service to customers

Deneb Emperor Entertainment audio design and manufacturing experts

Deneb emperor is the original: a lifetime only for the original existence, from the appearance of the connotation of.

Deneb Designer: Emperor is combined with the original perfect, no one knows more about yourself

Deneb emperor makers: lineage is more important than anything, so for our own production, production for customers.

Deneb emperor is the lead: always adhere to the "quality, technology and price interdependence" product concept, quality assurance as the primary criterion.

Deneb emperor is proposed: to reach the depth of cooperation with customers, provide customized personalized solutions.

Deneb emperor executive: let the consistency of brand concept to be implemented.

Deneb emperor moved: the happiness to the people around, and this happiness as the media, everyone moved around.

38 years of focus; 38 years work 38 years harvest!

Deneb along the way, split Jing thorns, finally have today´s achievement!


Deneb still brilliant, Deneb with determination and confidence to meet the future......

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