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 Emperor, the main sales channels to supplement the straight single project marketing model, put forward the "growth strategy" aimed at distributors, greatly encouraged the enthusiasm of the distributors, marketing network and the rapid expansion of the scale, to promote the rapid transformation of scientific research achievements of emperor is a social value, the domestic market share in front. High-tech products with independent brands exported to Russia, Malaysia, Japan and other countries.

A sound marketing network, to provide convenient service for the customer

Emperor marketing network throughout the economic developed regions of the country, and there are many distributors emperor products. In the international market, Emperor´s operations in Russia, Malaysia, Japan and other countries.

In the aspect of Technology

Deneb emperor several engaged in R & D, production and sales of audio team composed of elite. 26 years of accumulated experience, has the same industry leading level. Can provide technical advice and service system for customers. At the same time, the introduction of the standard acoustic software LMS, DAAS and LEAP computer software as the testing products, strictly control the technical aspects of the.

In the product aspect

Deneb emperor original as a lifelong pursuit, we are not affected by any sound, that´s why we are so brave. The product is Deneb emperor´s life, we always adhere to the "quality, technology and price interdependence" and throughout the whole production process. Because Deneb emperor believe that only with the market demand of the products is a good product, only the excellent quality of the products is a good product, which is the Deneb emperor took the lead in the industry put forward a strong backing for three years warranty. "".

In terms of service

Pre-sale: investigation of customer projects, comprehensive protection project, system engineering design in the premise, and the design of customer to explain and evaluation, and finally achieve the customer tailored products.

Sales: the timely supply security products, and related product knowledge training, if meet the technical aspects of the problem, Deneb emperor will track and training, until the customer really understand the product, skilled in the use of the product.

Customer service: Deneb emperor to establish customer data management is perfect for each customer, and regular customer, understand their needs, to solve the problems related to the customer.

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