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 As an advocate of original technology, Deneb has the pursuit of technology and ideas. And adhere to the "quality, technology and price interdependence" product concept, and the original as a lifelong pursuit. Deneb emperor had four brilliant milestone in the history of the development.

Deneb first mileage

Mr. Huang Bihong is chairman of the inauguration in 1975, when the maximum sound company Fostex company of japan.

1985 in Taiwan city of Kaohsiung, Mr. Huang Bihong and his partner founded Yingda electronic Limited by Share Ltd. This is the first milepost Deneb emperor in history.

Deneb second miles

In 1987, Mr. Huang Bihong founded his own company in Taiwan: the treble Electronics Co. Ltd.

In 1989 Mr Huang Bihong set up a joint venture in Xiamen: Huaying electronics industry limited company, and served as general manager.

Mr. Wang Weidong founder of the company in 1992 to enter the Huaying company, engaged in audio technology research and development work, since 20 years.

1996 started production of Hi-Fi audio, sales network all over the world

In 1996 Deneb emperor company founder Mr. Wang Shiqiang involved in the audio industry, has for 16 years.

In 1998 developed into the domestic many large enterprises designated suppliers of high quality audio

In 1999, Mr. Wang Weidong began the road of entrepreneurship, to create the Deneb emperor in the history of the second milepost.

Deneb third miles

Mr. Zhang Bangxi, in 2000 the company marketing director current into the audio industry, now has 12 calendar years.

In 2001 designed the first OK speaker AK-907 Cara.

In 2002 the improved AK-908 Cara OK was born, mainly exported to the United States market.

Completion of the 2004 MA-530 speaker design, and create the cumulative sales of 30000 of the sales miracle.

In February 28, 2005, Xiamen emperor electronic technology limited company officially registered by the industry and Commerce Department approval, this is Deneb Emperor

The history of the development of the company on the third milepost.

Deneb fourth miles

Xiamen Ruixiang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, professional production and processing of wooden products, Deneb emperor company for industry vertical extension.

Design of Deneb 2006 emperor company completed one of the model Cara OK industry´s influential: 230 speakers.

In 2007 the trademark for the 3 series of the first generation of products SE-3310 Deneb start the domestic market.

In 2008 3 series of second generation products DB-310S revision design is completed, and exported to singapore.

DA series amplifiers in 2009 with independent intellectual property rights of the formally to the market (Patent No.: 200930172902.3)

In 2009 the new Deneb 3 series is listed, Emperor Deneb road completed the overall layout of OK in the domestic market of Cara.

In 2009 Deneb emperor won the HC KTV equipment "the authority of the ten major competitive brand"

2010 2010 August Deneb Deneb emperor, Emperor moved into the new factory and business center, comprehensively enhance the company image. Deneb emperor business manufacturing the grand opening, a Taiwanese in Xiamen and even in Fujian province and the first set of product design, product manufacturing, marketing, technical training, entertainment planning, site management, simulation demonstration, sales and service as one of the comprehensive professional audio company. The achievements of their own development history of milepost fourth seat.

2010 has a number of technical breakthrough in the new 5 series of all listed (Patent No.: 2010030607040.5)

DSP new digital, full touch screen technology in 2010 Deneb emperor developed successfully developed.

In 2010 Deneb emperor glory, self-developed level after the amplifier into a new era.

In 2010 Deneb emperor won the 2010 annual HC KTV equipment "top ten competitive brands", which is the Deneb emperor two consecutive reelected this throne.

In 2011, with a number of leading technology, in view of the DS merge type merit top customers to create a comprehensive listing

In 2011 Deneb emperor of independent research and development, an improved version of alpha fusion of several high-tech technology, using imported unit meticulously. Beta series professional speaker launched a comprehensive

In 2011 Deneb emperor won the 2011 Annual HC KTV equipment "top ten competitive brands", Emperor three consecutive reelected this award.

In 2012 Deneb emperor with the patent rights after the listing of A6 class power amplifier

In 2012 Deneb emperor designed for top entertainment to create the Omega, Phi series of professional speakers fully listed

In 2012 Deneb emperor won the 2012 annual KTV equipment "top ten competitive brands", Emperor four consecutive award!

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